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Wee Jin Tan, Research Scientist


Wee Jin completed his Masters degree in Bioengineering from the National University of Singapore in 2012 whilst working full-time as a Research Scientist at Biopolis in the areas of molecular painting and cell encapsulation.

William Ong, Director, Corporate Affairs


As well as having valuable experience from involvement with another successful Singaporean start-up business, William has been in the IT industry for 9 years where he has significant managerial experience in network infrastructure and security with one of the largest global freight companies as Business Systems Manager in charge of rollout and implementation across the entire SE Asia region.

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Louise Bussieres, C.A., Chief Financial Officer


Louise is a certified Chartered Accountant with 30 years experience in accounting and finance. She plays several executive roles as well as having other consulting interests as Principal of Bussieres Consulting Pte Ltd. Throughout her career, Ms. Bussieres has been involved in strategic planning, financing, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, treasury and contract negotiations in the pharmaceutical research and development field and has had notable success in several important positions in publicy traded organisations.

John Dangerfield, Ph.D., Director, Chief Executive Officer


Originally from the UK, John completed his PhD in molecular biology in Vienna in 2001. After a further 6 years in Austria doing fundamental research with viral vectors and bionanotechnology for cancer, he side-stepped into the biomedical industry in 2007 as Head of Laboratory for Austrianova Singapore Pte Ltd (part of the SG Austria Group), a company based within Singapore’s main biotechnology hub, the Biopolis. In 2011 he co-founded Anovasia Pte Ltd. In addition to his role at Anovasia, John remains with Austrianova as Chief Operating Officer (since 2010) where as well as operational activities he is also involved in business development and fund raising. John was an active Council Member for the bio-industry alliance organisation BioSingapore from 2011-2014 and is currently acting as advisor to support the Singapore Stem Cell Consortium. John has co-authored 16 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 book chapters, has edited two books. He is also inventor on 5 patents and patent applications and has procured a significant number of academic and industry grants.

Anovasia is addtionally supported by a team of experienced scientists with specific skills in Anovasia's core technology areas.

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